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Aither Chemicals, LLC

Aither Chemicals is building next generation chemical plants based upon a proven, proprietary, patent-pending chemical process that converts a natural gas feedstock (ethane) into higher value chemical products (petrochemicals) in a cost effective manner. Aither’s manufacturing process is the lowest cost production method to make petrochemicals.

American Benefit, Inc.

With more than 60 years of employee benefit experience, American Benefit Corporation has empowered our clients to achieve the results they need from their employee benefit plans. We specialize in customizing group benefit plans for both Union and Non-Union groups.

GTR Labs, Inc.

Aither Chemicals is building next generation chemical plants based upon a proven, proprietary, patent-pending chemical process that converts a natural gas feedstock (ethane) into higher value chemical products (petrochemicals) in a cost effective manner. Aither’s manufacturing process is the lowest cost production method to make petrochemicals.

Mountaineer Trout Farm, LLC

This company is an aquaculture operation using mine water to grow trout.

 Figure 8

The Figure 8 FlatWire is an FDA cleared, simple, strong, and cost effective system. It was specifically developed to replace simple steel wire for primary sternal closure following open heart surgery. Figure 8 FlatWire combines the technical simplicity of wire cerclage with innate engineering to deliver superior mult

CrossCutting Concepts, LLC. 

Crosscutting Concepts develops, manufactures, and markets innovative hands-on science education products for high school and post-secondary education.

PolyPlexx, LLC

Scientists are developing new chemistry for making high-performance polyurethane and/or urethane hybrid polymers which are easier to process relative to the existing polymers such as polycarbonate. In addition, these polymers are well-known for their extremely broad formulation latitude and can be designed to meet a wide variety of application needs.

Troy, LLC

Troy is a supplier of needle-punch textiles to the automotive industry.

Greenbrier Technical Services, Inc. (GTS)

Greenbrier Technical Services, Inc. (GTS)TM provides solutions to the banking, elevator equipment, and mining industries since 1989. GTS manufactures replacement parts, repairs printed circuit boards and modules, provides parts sourcing services, engineering and reverse engineering services. GTS has a flexible manufacturing facility capable of fulfilling orders in quantities from one to thousands and operates with an ISO 9001:2008 certified quality management system.


Siox LLC is a start-up manufacturer locating in Morgantown to produce advanced materials for the battery, fertilizer, pigment, colorant and automotive markets. Siox has been working closely with the National Energy Technology Laboratory in Morgantown in development of processing equipment and methodology.


Core10 is a 100 percent U.S.-based software development company that creates financial technology solutions for the banking, health care, insurance and retail verticals, among others. With offices in Huntington, W.Va., and Nashville, Tenn., Core10’s dedicated talent provides world-class outsourced technology expertise at a value without any of the headaches associated with offshoring.


CereDx is developing diagnostic profiles for stroke diagnosis and treatment. Using small volumes of peripheral blood and a proprietary multi-omic biomarker pattern recognition approach, CereDx can identify stroke versus no stroke, stroke versus transient ischemic attack (TIA), hemorrhagic versus ischemic stroke, and time from stroke symptom onset. Their tests aim to deliver unbiased results in 20 minutes or less and can easily integrate into the current diagnosis and treatment paths in emergency rooms, EMS vehicles, urgent care facilities, and primary care offices.

Billow Global, Inc.

Billow is the first premium breast support pillow designed to provide supportive comfort to breast surgery patients while sleeping, relaxing or getting a massage. The Billow pillow is part of a full after care package for patients containing products designed to help them feel better, rest and recover; something that isn’t currently being offered to those coming home from surgery. Billow and Billow products are organic, chemical and cruelty-free and made in the USA.

Billow believes in giving back. For every Billow sold, a portion of proceeds will be donated to breast cancer research.


syGlass a scientific data visualization and annotation system built from the ground up to work seamlessly with virtual reality technologies like the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. High resolution polygon meshes, 4D movies, and volumentric imaging data can be ingested quickly and easily, producing immersive VR renderings that provide new insight into data of all shapes and sizes.

Boasting a comprehensive suite of VR tools, syGlass allows for rapid, context-rich annotation of 3D images. Mundane annotation tasks become exciting, intuitive, and notably precise.

SwifTAG Systems

SwifTAG Systems concepts and products were conceived by active researchers in the medical field who recognized the dramatic inefficiencies of existing small animal management systems and processes. Our mission is to bring high technology and medical research together to drive down costs and increase the time researchers spend doing actual research. We envision laboratories where animal management systems are functional, low maintenance, efficient, and as easy to use as a well-designed smartphone app. We want to see researchers to acquire the highest quality data to reduce overall animal usage and time spent managing laboratory animal logistics. Our product lines include electronic small animal tags, handheld and tabletop readers, cage and rack readers, whole laboratory management systems, and support software.


CFOAM® is a registered trademark of the company that is used to describe a wide range of products that are produced. Included in their product list is CFOAM20, CFOAM25 and CFOAM30; the differentiating factor between these products is weight. These products are inexpensive, lightweight, fire-resistant, impact-absorbing and can be fabricated in a variety of shapes, sizes, the property requirements of specific applications. It is this versatility that appeals to a wide range of industries. Carbon foam is in high demand in specific industries such as military, industrial and aerospace markets, who require superior materials. This next-generation carbon material is produced from powdered metallurgical coal using a highly proprietary manufacturing process, the result being a carbon foam that is far more applicable then current, conventional materials such as balsa wood, ceramic insulation, fiberglass, rubber and various other materials. Carbon foam is used in the military to provide fire resistant ship decking and bulkheads, noise and impact mitigation for aircrafts, and firewalls for cars amongst other applications.


The home inspection industry is diverse, and InspectionGo was created with that understanding specifically in mind. If you are just starting out as a home inspector, or you’ve been in the industry since its inception, InspectionGo is here to help you. We have assembled a team of industry experts who are dedicated to our goal of helping every home inspector thrive by their own terms, whatever their needs may be!

Go Jane Go Travels

Go Jane Go grew out of a need to disrupt the current male-dominated travel industry by building a community of expert women business travelers from around the globe. Our goal is to alert and align the travel industry to the unique needs of a powerful demographic that has historically been under-valued.


RealX Ventures, Inc. (RealX) is an online exchange used to list and or search for property rights to lease, buy, or sell. These property rights include: air, wind, timber, solar, easements, pipelines, water, natural gas and oil. The exchange connects the party that controls the property rights with corporations that want to buy or lease that property right for a specific purpose (such as to generate solar power on the surface or produce natural gas from below the surface).